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I'll start with the weaknesses. At 6'1", the back seat is a bit tight, but which mid-size isn't? Since I'm driving the car it doesn't matter. If you need to pass a car on the freeway, give it an extra second for the tranny to kick in. However, once it does kick in, hang on!I could not ask for a better performing, safer car. I've heard the 4-cyl is good...

     1994 Mitsubishi Galant

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1994 mitsubishi galant 1994 mitsubishi galant 1994 mitsubishi galant

Modifications produced from october 1994 Mitsubishi Galant

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# ModificationBody type DriveTransFuelDisplacement, litres Engine modelFramePrice, kYen
1 GE Sedan FF MT G 1.84G93E-E52A-SNJ 1378
2 GE Sedan FF AT G 1.84G93E-E52A-SRJ 1471
3 MVV Sedan FF MT G 1.84G93E-E52A-SNHA 1681
4 Exceed Sedan FF MT G 1.86A11E-E53A-SNHE 1699
5 MVV Sedan FF AT G 1.84G93E-E52A-SRHA 1774
6 Exceed Sedan FF AT G 1.86A11E-E53A-SRHE 1792
7 Viento II Sedan FF MT G 1.84G93E-E52A-SNGM 1795
8 MU Sedan FF MT D 2.04D68T (turbo intercooler)X-E57A-SNHF 1839
9 Viento II Sedan FF AT G 1.84G93E-E52A-SRGM 1888
10 MU-4 Sedan 4WD MT G 1.84G93E-E72A-SNH 1914
11 MU Sedan FF AT D 2.04D68T (turbo intercooler)X-E57A-SRHF 1932
12 Super exceed Sedan FF AT G 2.06A12E-E54A-SRXE 1978
13 MU-4 Sedan 4WD AT G 1.84G93E-E72A-SRH 2011
14 Viento II Sedan FF MT G 2.06A12E-E54A-SNGM 2098
15 MU-4 Sedan 4WD MT D 2.04D68T (turbo intercooler)Y-E77A-SNHF 2100
16 Super exceed (DOHC) Sedan FF AT G 2.06A12E-E54A-SRXM 2150
17 Viento II Sedan FF AT G 2.06A12E-E54A-SRGM 2195
18 MU-4 Sedan 4WD AT D 2.04D68T (turbo intercooler)Y-E77A-SRHF 2197
19 Viento-4 Sedan 4WD MT G 2.06A12E-E74A-SNGM 2298
20 Viento-4 Sedan 4WD AT G 2.06A12E-E74A-SRGM 2395
21 VX-R Sedan FF MT G 2.06A12E-E54A-SNGW 2498
22 VX-R Sedan FF AT G 2.06A12E-E54A-SRGW 2595
23 VR-4 Sedan 4WD MT G 2.06A12T (twin turbo intercooler)E-E84A-SNGF 2885
24 VR-4 Sedan 4WD AT G 2.06A12T (twin turbo intercooler)E-E84A-SRGF 2995

GE - MVV - Exceed - Viento II - MU - MU-4 - Super exceed - Super exceed (DOHC) - Viento-4 - VX-R - VR-4
1994 Mitsubishi Galant
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007