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 2003 Mitsubishi Galant Review, Gregory Ferro, From Seaford, N

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Mitsubishi Galant

 ModelMitsubishi Galant
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Many Many Imperfections
Low quality fit and finish
 General comments?My brand new 03 black Mit Galant ES 2.4L came with many unexpected extras. Like the nice scratch down to the primer on the top of the trunk, or the crud under the paint on one of the doors, or the black spots on the drivers mirror, or the undercoating that is completely scraped off the car. As you can tell, I have a few complaints, I was surprised to see how poorly the interior plastic parts fit together. I don't think it's a good idea to have all that fuzzy material on the door panels, it can't be kept clean! Now for the good news, the car rides nice and quiet and I like the styling, I was a little blinded by the $3200.00 cash back, I missed some of the cars shortcomings I now have to live with. Bottom line, I would not buy this car if I had a second chance.
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Review 2003 Mitsubishi Galant Gregory Ferro, From Seaford, N
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007